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The Best Keyword Research Method In 7 Easy Steps

The Best Keyword Research Method In 7 Easy Steps

Every day, millions of internet users use search engines by entering certain queries or keywords as commands for search engines to find the products, services, and articles they need.  Doing keyword research is an important step before writing articles for a blog or website. It also functions to determine what keywords are suitable for use on your website. Before getting into how to do keyword research, you must first understand what it means and its supporting metrics. What is Keyword Research…
Jasa SEO Website Yang Dibutuhkan Bagi Bisnis Digital Anda

Jasa SEO Website Yang Dibutuhkan Bagi Bisnis Digital Anda

Tidak dapat dipungkiri bahwa dimasa sekarang ini kita telah memasuki era digital besar-besaran dalam semua lini, terlebih bagi pelaku bisnis. Mengikuti fakta tersebut, Jasa SEO website dibutuhkan menjadi bagian dalam strategi digital marketing sebuah bisnis dan perusahaan. Bagi anda yang masih baru mengenal dunia digital dan apa yang dibutuhkan secara tepat layanan yang didapat dari jasa SEO, anda perlu mengembangkan wawasan tentang apa itu SEO terlebih dahulu. Mengembangkan Bisnis Anda dengan …
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Understanding Customer Lifetime Value, Benefits, and How to Increase It

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is one of the indicators used to determine the value of a company's customers. This metric is considered accurate so it is widely used by companies in calculating their customer value. This metric can help to find out the cost for each effort to attract customers. Even though it has a role, at first glance it is still not considered important by some people. In fact, forgetting CLV can have negative consequences on business competition. Definition of Customer L…
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How to Create an SEO Friendly Website Structure

a good website structure turns out to play an important role in helping and making it easier for site visitors to find information quickly. This can even make it easier for Google to identify which content is important and which is not. For those of you who are optimizing a website for SEO , make sure you also pay attention to the site structure. Check out the following explanation to find out how to create an SEO friendly website structure. What is Website Structure? Website structure is the a…
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Website Metric Most Important To Measure Content Marketing Performance

The world of marketing is now growing rapidly. Likewise with the many marketing trends that have sprung up along with digital transformation. Nevertheless, marketing through websites and blogs remains one of the prima donnas. The reason is, this marketing channel can help marketers to increase brand authority and credibility in the eyes of consumers. if you use the website as a marketing medium, then it is important to measure website metrics regularly and periodically. With measurable metrics,…
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The Most Powerful Way to Increase Website Traffic

Having a website to support your business is important. By having a website, you can increase credibility and trust which will eventually create transactions. All of these things can work if your website has good traffic.  But, what happens if the website that has been built in such a way, the domain that has been purchased, and the content that has been created fails to attract people to visit the website. Therefore, sufficient knowledge is needed about how to increase website traffic. 7 Way …
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5 Types of Website Traffic You Need to Know and Optimize

Website traffic is all information about each visitor (visitor) to a website, from the number of visitors, the duration of the visit, and all activities on the site. Why is Traffic So Important for Websites? Traffic is the first most important thing that must be considered, especially for e-commerce to determine the popularity of its website.  The more visitors, the more popular the website. Popular websites are easier to reach online for people who are looking for similar products or services …
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Get to Know Website Marketing: The Best Marketing Tool For Your Business

A company that has an official website, of course, will be more trusted by consumers. Therefore, the website can be called the best online marketing. Not only can it be a reference for many people to get to know your business, but it can also be a source of income and increase profits. Website marketing is a way to promote a business more broadly. This is one type of online marketing that you need to have. However, getting a website to get a lot of traffic is not easy. There are a series of st…
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