Mindsets for Building a Digital Marketing Career Must Have

Mindsets for Building a Digital Marketing Career Must Have

 Did you know that digital marketing careers are currently on the rise and many companies are looking for them. This is in line with the rapid development of digital media, as seen from changes in people's habits. Starting from shopping habits that have begun to shift to online shopping, online learning, and online entertainment.

With the development of digital media, the need for companies to carry out marketing or marketing digitally is increasing. Therefore digital marketing career opportunities are increasingly wide open. A person who has a career in Digital Marketing is responsible for all matters related to product marketing from a company through content on digital channels.

Content on digital channels functions as a medium of communication between products and consumers, and how is content created by digital marketers published? A digital marketer can use various digital channels to publish and promote their products through social media, websites, email and digital advertisements.

It doesn't stop there, a digital marketer must also be able to analyze, evaluate, and optimize the content he wants to create. The goal is that the audience / potential customers can recognize our products, be interested in our products, consider buying our products, and finally buy our products. In the end, consumers are satisfied with the products they have purchased. 

Choice of Digital Marketing Career Opportunities

So are you interested in building a digital marketing career? if you are interested, consider some of the choices of digital marketing career opportunities that are being sought after by the following companies.

Social Media Specialist

One of the options for a digital marketing career that is in high demand is a social media specialist . Social Media Specialist is responsible for being a company representative on social media channels such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tiktok, Linkedin and so on. Social media specialists are tasked with compiling social media campaigns , conducting audience analysis and developing content strategies.

Content Strategist

Content strategist is one of the most popular digital marketing career professions in today's digital era. Content strategist career choices are closely related to digital marketing . So a content strategist has the responsibility to determine the exact content needs and determine the digital channels to distribute it. Not only that, a content strategist is also involved in content planning, content production, and content analysis.

UI/UX Designer

You must have often heard about user interfaces and user experience , right? but do you already know what a UI/UX designer is ? User interface designers and user experience designers are actually two different job roles but are still in the same scope. The user interface includes all visual aspects displayed on websites and mobile applications such as layout, color, typography, design. Meanwhile, user experience is responsible for user satisfaction such as conducting research for users, making website flow designs or mobile applications.

Content Writer/Copy Writer

Maybe you are already familiar with what a content writer and copy writer are . Content writer is one of the professions in a digital marketing career , content writers play a role in writing digital content such as blogs or company websites. One of the digital marketing professions is also much needed by companies. It has become commonplace in today's digital era, many people are looking for information via the internet.

Content writers are needed by companies to carry out marketing through article media, providing information needed by users and target markets. Not only that, content writers are also required to conduct research on what topics will be discussed and what information will be conveyed to readers. Through the results of content writer writing , companies can get new users or consumers.

The definition of what a copy writer is , a copy writer is slightly different from a content writer , if a content writer writes for a digital website or blog channel. Copy writers write for advertisements, short sentences in content, and publicity materials. Copy writers are responsible for stringing creative words and content with the aim of promoting a product or service.

Copywriting is closely related to brand or company image. Copywriters focus on writing to persuade readers or consumers and make them decide to buy a product or use a service offered by the company.

Digital Ads Specialist

Hearing the word ads which means advertising, maybe you have already guessed about the role of a digital ads specialist . One of the professions that has an important role to do research and execution of advertisements in digital media. The digital ads specialist has the responsibility to conduct market data research, create ad targets, carry out ad execution and evaluate them. Digital media does not only have one channel , but several different channels.

With the existence of several different digital media channels, a digital ads specialist must understand each channel, because the techniques and systems are not the same as one another. For example, familiar digital ad channels are Google ads and Facebook ads. A digital ads specialist will liaise with a copy writer in making effective creative ads .

SEO Specialist

SEO or search engine optimization is a digital marketing profession that has an important role in the visibility of the website it manages. Simply put, an SEO specialist has the task of increasing a website's ranking in search engines such as Google, Bing, Yandex. In addition, seo specialists also have responsibility for website traffic every day, and also the health of the websites they manage. SEO specialist is also one of the digital marketing professions most needed by companies.

So, those were several kinds of professions for a digital marketing career . Are you interested in getting into a digital marketing career ? If so, you must know these 5 important mindsets of a digital marketer . What are the 5 mindsets , see the following explanation.

Mindset is Important for a Digital Marketing Career

So, what are the things that we must have to become a professional digital marketer ? First, you must have a structured mindset. Mindset itself is our mindset in carrying out the work or profession that we have. In essence, we can form this mindset through our own self-confidence.

Building a good mindset is not easy, but it's not difficult either! In order to become a successful digital marketer with a good mindset, you can apply the following mindsets:

1. Mindset Detail Oriented

To become a digital marketer whose work can have a big impact on consumers, you have to pay attention to every detail that you do or apply a detail-oriented mindset .

The reason is that the content/campaign you are working on has a strong foundation and meaning. Examples include analyzing consumer needs & wants , analyzing market trends, compiling the right timeline, considering costs incurred efficiently, and paying attention to conversion rates in each of the channels used. By being detail oriented, you can make the right decision because it is supported by in-depth data and analysis.

2. Digital Marketing Focus on Value

Value is the most important part in doing a product branding. By creating value, target consumers can develop perceptions of our products/company. For example, what is the first thing that comes to your mind about a mineral water brand? Surely the answer is Aqua right? in conclusion, Aqua can convey their value well so that the audience has the perception that mineral water is synonymous with Aqua.

This means that if a digital marketer wants his product or company to be known and attached to consumers, then the mindset you have to apply is to focus on value. Don't get hung up on how much profit you get from the results of the content/ campaign you've created, but focus on what value you convey to your audience. So that in the end the audience is interested in your product and the audience will have a positive perception of your product/company.

Well, at that time, the level of sales will also increase and the profit you get will also be even greater.

3. Digital Marketers Think Strategically

Not much different from detail-oriented, a professional digital marketer must have a plan for how the content/ campaign they want to create can run successfully. The plan is designed to reach the desired target market. 

To be able to design and execute the plan well, it is very important to have a strategic thinking mindset. There are several important steps in preparing a plan for branding a product/company, including; 

  • You have to determine which channels are most suitable for branding your product  
  • Design your content/campaign concept in detail and structure according to the channels you have specified
  • Before creating content, make sure you do in-depth research and analysis using tools that can help you
  • After that, you have to think about how to optimize the content you create, an example of what you can do is Search Engine Optimization , advertising through Google Ads/Facebook Ads/Display Ads.

4. Have a Creative and Innovative Mindset

Having a creative and innovative mindset is indispensable if you are a digital marketer or who want a career in the digital marketing world. The goal is that the content/ campaign that we create to promote a product can be packaged in an attractive way and have a lot of value.

5. Learn from Failure

Failure is an experience for success. Someone who is successful must make his failure a valuable experience so that the failure can be corrected and will not be repeated again.

Moreover, coupled with the intense business competition in this digital era, making a digital marketer required to always learn, have an unyielding mindset, and adapt easily to change.

With increasingly intense business competition between companies in this digital era, the role of a digital marketer in a company is very influential. So, let's build your mindset from now on! For those of you who want to share with each other to develop your potential, let's register to join the Docheck community here .