Get to Know Website Marketing: The Best Marketing Tool For Your Business

Get to Know Website Marketing: The Best Marketing Tool For Your Business

 A company that has an official website, of course, will be more trusted by consumers. Therefore, the website can be called the best online marketing. Not only can it be a reference for many people to get to know your business, but it can also be a source of income and increase profits.

Website marketing is a way to promote a business more broadly. This is one type of online marketing that you need to have.

However, getting a website to get a lot of traffic is not easy. There are a series of steps that must be passed. In this article, we will discuss promotion through the website. Immediately, here comes the full discussion!

What is Website Marketing

Website marketing is the strategic promotion of websites to drive relevant traffic to those sites. The target audience is to attract people who may be interested in a particular company's product or service. More traffic coming to your website means more opportunities to get your value proposition in front of potential customers.

Website Marketing According to Brafton Brafton is a well-known digital marketing consultant originating and operating in London and Chicago. Brafton helps many industrial sectors when using websites for digital marketing. Reporting from the official Brafton website, this is the meaning of website marketing: 

Website marketing is a promotional strategy on a website to direct the flow of buyers/customers/consumers on a business site. – Brafton

Website Marketing According to Venngage Vengage is a digital marketing practitioner who serves data visualization for the needs of customers from various countries. Venngage relies on digital marketing to reach international customers. Reporting from the official Venngage website, this is the meaning of website marketing: 

Website marketing means promoting a business website to bring in more visitors. The visitor must be someone who will like the service to be willing to pay for it. – Venngage

The main goal of website marketing is to be able to get the top ranking on search pages or search engines. In its application, promotions use SEO techniques or search engine optimization, social media engagement, content marketing, as well as digital and offline efforts.

In most industries, the top-ranking web pages in SERP positions get more than 50% of the traffic for their keyword usage.

Web marketing is known as one of the most effective business promotion strategies because with just one platform, you can implement various types of marketing.

In addition, website marketing is also useful for reaching a wider market and reducing production costs because it is done online. By having their own website, it's also easier for customers to find out more about your business products.

Benefits of Website Marketing

Not only can you reach a wider target, this method has a myriad of benefits that you can get. Furthermore, here are some of the benefits of website marketing. 

Cost Savings

Traditional marketing costs much more for a company. If you do the math, using Facebook Ads is three times cheaper and more targeted than advertising on radio, television or print media. Using the sophistication of the internet to broaden and engage your audience will be much more economical, as long as you have careful and structured planning beforehand, which can help define the audience you want.

Can determine audience segmentation

Few other advertising options allow you to target specific demographics around your customers like this website marketing. Set your message to appear on websites your prospects are most likely to visit, can view specific geographic locations, and even target by age or educational range in certain cases.

Marketing Process Efficiency

You can perform and implement many types of digital marketing activations centrally through the website. For example, to increase website traffic through an SEO-optimized blog, you can get leads from that process.

Apart from that, you can simply upload relevant information to your website, so visitors who need information about your business will be able to visit your website directly.

That way, the business marketing process can be lighter because you can maximize the marketing process only by going through the website.

Easy for editing process

Social media ads, ad banners or other online campaigns can be tweaked and improved on the fly and can add eye-catching digital accessories. With changing preferences this is a huge advantage for you. New pricing, additional products, and time-sensitive sales can all be handled easily with website marketing.

Website Performance Can Be Measured

When you do marketing without a website, what counts? Quite a lot and sometimes invalid. It's a different story if you use a website, it's easy to measure website performance for the website marketing that you do. An example of a case when a business gets tens of thousands of visitors a month. It can be measured easily. Likewise when placing ads on Google Ads and Facebook Ads. There are numbers available to measure the success of your ad (without having to cost a fortune).

Achieving a Large Number of Buyers

Traditional marketing has a hard time reaching a large number of buyers. Like on a banner that only a handful of people can see. Even newspapers that used to be the prima donna for marketing businesses are now starting to be less effective. Website marketing allows you to reach many locations in a short time with a more economical budget.

Types of Website Marketing Content

Website marketing can be maximized by creating content on the website. Be it content on the blog or on pages outside the blog section. To understand this, consider the following types of website content:

Product Knowledge Content

For those of you who offer products in the form of goods or services through web marketing, you should also provide product knowledge content. This content contains product details so that visitors can understand well the product you are selling. This content is not only articles, you can also make it in the form of videos.

Hard Selling

If your web marketing strategy is running smoothly, you can try to create hard selling content. This content is purely made for sale or promotion, therefore it is recommended not to make too much of this content.

Tutorial Content

Website marketing can attract customers if it is accompanied by tutorial content. Because people are happy when they find content that teaches a way. For example, if your product is jeans. Then your brand can bring tutorial content about wearing jeans according to existing fashion trends. Whether it's in the form of articles or videos that people are really looking for. You should try this type of content later.

Tips Content

Tips content is one of the prima donnas in website marketing. Because it contains interesting information that makes website visitors feel at home. For example, you have a bag product. Then your brand can issue content entitled "Tips for Caring for a Bag in the Rainy Season." What makes the difference from tutorial content is the purpose of the content. If the tutorial is for practice, while the tips content is still limited to theory that can be done in a simple way.


Several brands put out storytelling content on their website so that buyers understand where their business is coming from. There are also those who use this content so that the website marketing function is achieved. Namely making customers feel close and starting a close relationship with the brand.

Website Marketing Strategy

By knowing what website marketing or website marketing is and its benefits, it will be easier for you to implement it. Here are the steps:

Optimize Website Design

The first thing you need to do to make online marketing through the web more optimal is to create a website that has a good design. Website design is the image of your online store, not only judged by aesthetics, but also related to the user experience that leads to purchases.

The design must represent your business. This website will be a showcase for your store. So, it is obligatory so that the website can look good from the outside. The website must be simple, functional or user-friendly, contain company information, and can be accessed quickly, especially using a smartphone.

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Creating Relevant Content

Creating content that is relevant to user needs can make it easier for users to find your website on search pages. It can even be a way to bring traffic to your website.

You can do this, such as creating articles that answer users' curiosity and problems, product usage tutorials, tips, and so on.

Implement SEO

Next, apply SEO by doing technical SEO to ensure the site is free from crawling problems. After that, do on-page SEO so that your content is easy for crawlers to read from search engines. Then, apply SEO content, namely writing content that satisfies users.

Don't forget to optimize off-page SEO to promote your site to get high-quality links from other sites. In addition, do local SEO so that the search for business locations can get new clients.

SEO is the answer if you want to increase traffic. SEO is a separate science in digital marketing combined with website marketing.

Promote websites

Another most important thing is don't forget to promote your website. There are various platforms that you can try, such as social media, email, and other forums.

That's a glimpse of online marketing through websites and the steps. This method is considered effective for increasing your sales performance online. So, website marketing is a type of online marketing strategy that can help develop your business more broadly.