The Most Powerful Way to Increase Website Traffic

The Most Powerful Way to Increase Website Traffic

Having a website to support your business is important. By having a website, you can increase credibility and trust which will eventually create transactions. All of these things can work if your website has good traffic. 

But, what happens if the website that has been built in such a way, the domain that has been purchased, and the content that has been created fails to attract people to visit the website.

Therefore, sufficient knowledge is needed about how to increase website traffic.

7 Way to Increase Website Traffic

Through this article you will find out how to increase website traffic. Come on, read this article to the end!

1. Keyword Research

The first way you can do to increase website traffic is to do keyword research that is relevant to your business or website niche.

Once you know what keywords are most relevant, you can use these keys to guide writing an article or copy a website page. 

If your goal is to find traffic, writing content must be writing what many people are looking for. The reason is, if no one is interested in the idea, website traffic will be difficult to increase.

By doing keyword research, you can find keywords that are being searched for by many people on Google.

You can do keyword research from various sources, from special tools to even business competitors. The tools commonly used to do keyword research are Ahrefs, SEMrush, to MOZ. These tools can show how much a keyword is often searched for through search engines and how the difficulty level of the keyword is. 

short tail keywords and long tail keywords.

When you do keyword research, you will be faced with two choices, namely short tail keywords and long tail keywords. What distinguishes the two keywords is the number of words. As the name implies, if short tail keywords consist of one to two words, then long tail keywords consist of three words or even more. Keywords that have one to two words or short tail keywords usually have a high search volume so that all website owners target them and the competition is high.

It is also one of the causes of your website sinking because of the same type of keywords.

search intents

You also need to consider the search intent or main purpose of searching for a keyword. This will help Google to analyze whether your page deserves to be on the first page or not.

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) Keywords

Often in keyword research tools there are some keywords that are fairly rigid and have less variation. This causes variations in words to decrease and tend to be disconnected from one another. To overcome this, it is necessary to use Latent Semantic Indexing Keywords

LSI Keyword is a collection of keywords that can be found on a particular topic and are interconnected. So that more keyword variations are obtained and can be written on your website content. To use it you can use the LSI Keywords service or similar services.

2. Write High Quality Articles

After you do keyword research, what you need to do to increase website traffic is to write articles as attractive as possible. For this reason, you must understand who the audience for your business is. Then, write an interesting title so that the audience is interested in reading the content you create.

A good Title

A good title is a title that is not too long or too short, just write 50-70 characters. In addition, don't place the main keyword repeatedly in the title and the entire article. Use a language style that is easy for the audience to understand based on the SEO friendly concept. 

Fill Good Content

It's not just the title that has to be interesting, the content is also like that. Try to create content that is a solution to the problems faced or answers the curiosity of the audience.

Article criteria that are in accordance with the SEO friendly concept include: 

  • Use relevant keywords, where these keywords are in the title, heading, initial, middle and end paragraphs of the article;
  • There are internal links that point to articles on websites with similar topics; 
  • Have a clear and coherent heading structure;
  • Equipped with attractive visual images;
  • The content is not too long or too short, but easy to read and comprehensively explained. 

Even though the SEO concept is still needed in writing on the website, it doesn't mean that the concept of writing an interesting story can't be used for granted. You still have to write from an interesting and not long-winded point of view.

Evergreen Content

Evergreen content means content that is timeless. When writing content that can always be read without the need to see changes that are happening in the world, it can build website traffic for the better. Moreover, the website contains structured and relevant information.

3. Optimize Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is very helpful in increasing traffic visits to your website. After knowing what keywords to include and write in the content on your website. Furthermore, the use of SEO needs to be maximized. Usually the optimization process is divided into two parts, namely off-site and on-site SEO.

On page SEO includes titles, URLs and permalinks, article content, internal links, headings, and the media in the article. 

On-page SEO can increase the chances of your website page being on the first page of search engines when users search for certain keywords. 

Off page SEO optimization using a backlink strategy. Using quality backlinks can not only increase traffic, but can also increase the authority of your website specifically in certain industries. 

Quality backlinks can bring in referral traffic, namely traffic that comes from other sources, where these other sources quote content from your website. 

4. Increase Website Speed

Is your website fast or does it take a long time to load?

47% of visitors expect a website to load in 2 seconds or less. On the other hand, 40% of people will leave a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Thus, if your website takes a long time to load, it is very likely that visitors will leave it, resulting in a bounce rate.

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5. Promotion Through Social Media

Social media is indeed an efficient tool for attracting visitors to read the content on your website. Plus, almost all audiences have social media. Social media consists of several types such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and others. Choose the right platform with your content so that the results are good.

Not only that, on social media, if you have finished creating content articles on your website, don't forget to also include a link that directly connects to your website. then use hashtags to make your content easier to find. Next, try to build interaction with the audience.

Always update content in the media actively and consistently. Even though increasing growth takes time, this media can always bring visitors to approach a website.

6. Digital Advertising

Digital ads are a form of promotion through digital channels. A digital ad imposes certain rates that vary for each type. The way online advertising works can be done through several digital channels, then using the website as a landing page. 

The advantage of digital ads is that they can target the desired audience and bring results that tend to be faster than organic methods. That's what makes digital ads able to contribute traffic.  

There are three types of digital ads that are commonly used, namely: 

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM). The concept of SEM is almost similar to SEO. What distinguishes between SEM and SEO is that SEM is paid while SEO is not paid. You can take advantage of advertisements on search engines such as Google Ads which make websites appear in top searches based on certain keywords.
  • Social Media Ads. As the name implies, social media ads are advertisements that can be displayed through social media. An example of social media that provides a platform for advertising is Facebook Ads.
  • Programmatic ads. In short, programmatic ads is the process of buying and selling digital ad space automatically, where the ad will be placed on the banner owned by the publisher's blog.

7. Take advantage of Email Marketing

Campaigns through email marketing can keep the audience visiting the website regularly.

The content of a newsletter can be very diverse, ranging from tips, case studies, survey results in certain industries, to the latest news. 

To start an email marketing campaign, apart from email services, you have to prepare a schedule that must be taken into account. 

Don't have to email your audience most days. However, set a regular schedule, for example once every week. This is useful so that the audience is not bothered by your email spam.

Use copywriting techniques and personal language to make it easier to read.


Until now traffic visits are a factor that is classified as important for the existence of a website. If you are still a beginner in managing websites, it is highly recommended that you use organic traffic.

Those are various ways to increase website traffic that you can use. With a high level of website visitors, this will affect the development of your business.

Increasing website traffic cannot be done quickly. Patience, consistency, and commitment are needed to build website branding to get the desired results.