Get to know what Off-Page SEO is and its Benefits and Optimization Methods

Get to know what Off-Page SEO is and its Benefits and Optimization Methods

There are three types of SEO that are usually used by Bloggers and website owners to optimize the intended results, namely Technical SEO, On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. The main purpose of using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is to increase traffic and page ranking in search engines.

Increasing your page ranking in search engines can increase the visibility of your website. This helps increase traffic, brand awareness, page rank and conversion from visitors to customers.

Actually, this is only a small part of the SEO concept. For more details, please just look at the following discussion related to the notion of Off-Page SEO, its importance in a website, the difference from On-Page SEO, to the dangers of careless SEO techniques.

What is Off-Page SEO?

If on page SEO works internally, such as meta descriptions, URL titles, alt text for images, title tags, internal links, website load speed and others. Then off page SEO works in an external scope.

According to off page SEO are activities carried out to optimize the website from outside. For example, a website owner provides a link from another website to his own website, that is what is known as a backlink.

The use of this backlink cannot be arbitrary, in the sense that you still choose websites that have good traffic. Besides that, too many backlinks can be considered spam by Google. The more websites that put backlinks to websites that are owned, Google will judge that the website is useful for many people and will increase its ranking on the Google search engine.

Apart from backlinks, other aspects of off page SEO are Domain Authority (DA) and social promotion. DA is a metric made by several third parties which is a reference for how much credibility a site or site can be trusted, based on referrals from the Google search engine. While social promotion is a technique to increase website traffic by promoting it through social media.

Benefits of off-page SEO

In optimizing Off-Page SEO, it will have a significant impact, here are the benefits of Off-Page SEO on the rating on your website, especially on the Google search engine.

Help reach new audiences

Off-page is a word-by-mouth strategy that builds web credibility in Google's eyes. Thus, off-page SEO has unlimited possibilities of building web authority.

This is an opportunity to reach an audience that has never heard of the brand name before. The reason is, they can start to recognize the brand from the backlinks linked on other websites.

Assisting new websites in getting traffic

In SEO, websites take a long time to enter the first page of Google. Especially for websites that have just been developed. 

With off-page SEO, websites can slowly get traffic other than the organic search method. This method can help increase clicks for content on the website. 

Gain authority

SEO is not enough with just good content. More than that, websites need quality backlinks to gain authority. 

Backlinks are the most important part of off-page SEO.

Basically, backlinks are "votes" or support for a website from another website. Each backlink tells search engines that the content being linked to is valuable, credible and useful.

Increase ranking on search engines

When a website already has lots of high-quality and relevant backlinks, Google is more confident about giving the website a ranking on the first page. This is because on-page SEO alone is not sufficient to boost ranking on Google search pages. External influence is needed to give a stronger permanent ranking.

How to Off Page SEO Optimization

The following are three Off Page SEO techniques that you can try:

1. Link Building

Link building is often also called back linking. This method is used to provide external links in your content. However, of course you also have to be able to get quality backlinks. 

some off page SEO link building techniques that you can try:

  • Link building that comes from content
  • Guest blogging
  • Ego bait
  • Broken link building
  • Link reclamation

2. Social media

Social media is one tool you can use to improve off-page SEO. Through social media increase website visits originating from social media. In addition, increasing the amount of content with certain keywords through social media will drive visitors to the website. Social media content can also be indexed very easily and quickly

Brand mentions – one of the successes of SEO is seen when a brand has good content, gets lots of backlinks, people start talking about, mentioning, as well as recommending the brand on various social media.

Influencer outreach – leveraging influencer authority can be done by asking them to provide feedback on products/services. After that, companies can coordinate so that influencers inform their environment or followers about the product.

Social networking – a good off-page SEO strategy should engage and leverage social networks to extend the reach of content. When content gets a lot of clicks from several IP addresses, Google can detect that many visitors are accessing the content.

3. Local SEO

With the increasing use of smartphones and better internet connections, the Local SEO method is also increasingly popular.

Although they look similar to regular SEO, these two SEOs are very different in that Local SEO focuses on delivering related results based on the user's current location.


In the world of SEO, there are two important methods that must be carried out in a balanced and sustainable manner to get optimal results, namely on-page and off-page SEO.

Off-page is indeed very important in increasing the popularity and reputation of your website but the method is not only with link building.

While getting links is a major factor (both now and in the future), keep in mind that it's only one factor among 200+ factors in Google's algorithm.