DoFollow Backlinks: Definition and Benefits for SEO

DoFollow Backlinks: Definition and Benefits for SEO

Backlinks are quite an important aspect of SEO optimization. However, not all backlinks are created equal.

Based on the effect of tracking and ranking, there are two types of backlinks that are commonly used, namely nofollow and dofollow backlinks.

When you want to build link building, you need to first know the meaning, function, benefits and drawbacks of each backlink itself.

What are Dofollow Backlinks?

Dofollow backlinks are the opposite of nofollow. If a link does not have the nofollow attribute, it is automatically considered as dofollow. In this case, search engines will follow the link when indexing the page and consider it a valuable vote or recommendation.

Dofollow link can give positive SEO weight and can increase the authority and ranking of website pages that receive these links. This is because search engines see dofollow as a vote or recommendation from another website. Then, show that the website has valuable value or content.

Benefits of Dofollow Backlinks

Here are some of the benefits of the dofollow attribute that you must know:

A. Improve SEO Ranking

One of the main benefits of dofollow is its ability to increase your website's ranking in Google search results. Search engines consider dofollow as a valuable vote or recommendation from another website.

The more quality dofollow you have, the greater the chance for your website to rank up in search results. In addition, dofollow helps increase your website's authority and provides a signal to search engines that your content has value and relevance.

B. Increase Referral Traffic

Dofollow also has the potential to increase the amount of referral traffic you receive. When a quality website provides a dofollow link to your website, visitors from that website can follow the link and visit your website.

Thus, dofollow links not only help in terms of ranking. However, it also brings potential traffic that can contribute to website growth.

C. Increasing Credibility and Authority

Getting dofollow links from websites that have credibility and authority in their field can provide big advantages for your website. When a trusted website provides recommendations via dofollow links.

This gives a positive signal to search engines and visitors that your website is a valuable source of information. Apart from that, this attribute can also help you build your website's reputation and credibility in the eyes of search engines and your audience.

Disadvantages of Dofollow Backlinks

Don't make a wrong move! dofollow backlinks also have the potential to reduce website ranking. This can really happen if you get a lot of backlinks in a short period of time from spam sites.

What are Nofollow Backlinks?

Before discussing dofollow backlinks, first consider the meaning of nofollow. Nofollow is an attribute embedded in a link on a website page. If a link has the nofollow attribute, it instructs search engines not to follow the link when indexing the page.

In other words, nofollow signals search engines. Then, the signal will show that you don't want to vote or recommend the link to the intended website.

Websites use the nofollow attribute for links that may be irrelevant, sponsored links, paid advertising links, or links they don't want to be given SEO weight. Search engines will recognize links with the nofollow attribute and don't use them as a ranking factor in their algorithms.

Benefits of Nofollow Backlinks

1. Reducing Spam on the Website

Nofollow backlinks are useful for reducing spam on websites, which can reduce the quality of the website. Nofollow backlinks are often used for various purposes, such as:

  • Comment links.
  • Review links.
  • Affiliate links.
  • Links to sites that are less trusted.

2. Make Backlinks Natural

Nofollow backlinks can also make backlinks natural, which can later be a plus for websites, especially on search engines. Indeed, Google prefers natural or manual searches compared to websites that are automated.

3. Increase Brand Power

This backlink can also increase brand strength in the eyes of visitors. This happens when visitors see a brand association with content on large sites that are credible and have a good reputation on Google.

Difference Between Nofollow and Dofollow Backlinks

After knowing the meaning between the two, this time you will enter into a discussion about the difference between nofollow and dofollow.

1. Influence on Ratings

Search engines will not take into account links with the nofollow attribute in their search rankings. However, dofollow links are just the opposite. These attributes can have a positive impact on your website's ranking.

2. Traffic and Conversions

Nofollow cannot directly contribute to increasing your website traffic and conversions. However, dofollow backlinks from quality websites can bring better traffic and the potential to increase conversions.

3. Source Link

Nofollow is generally used for user-generated links, such as blog comments or links in forums. As for dofollow, you usually use this attribute for special links from website owners. Examples include editorial links or relevant content.

How to write code

Here's how to write the correct Hyperlink code on dofollow and nofollow.

add attribute rel="dofollow"(dofollow link) and rel="nofollow"(nofollow link).

Example of dofollow backlink code:

<a href="" rel="dofollow">hadehana</a>

Example of nofollow backlink code:

<a href="" rel="nofollow">hadehana</a>


A good understanding of the difference between nofollow and dofollow links is key in a successful SEO strategy.

Dofollow backlinks do have a good impact. However, don't overuse it! Excessive use of dofollow backlinks actually makes our website have a bad "predicate" in search engines. Balance the use of these backlinks with nofollow backlinks.