Keyword Density, An Important Factor In SEO Strategy

Keyword Density, An Important Factor In SEO Strategy

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a strategy in digital marketing that aims to increase business brand awareness. In SEO itself, there are various things that must be known in order to provide optimal results, one of which is keyword density or keyword repetition.

In fact, many digital marketers focus on keyword density when creating SEO content. According to many people, the use of keywords plays an important role in getting content to rank at the top.

If you really want to do content optimization in the form of articles or landing pages on your website, of course you have to know what this means and why it is an important part of SEO. This is a complete explanation of keyword density.

What is Keyword Density?

Keyword density is the number of repetition percentages of a keyword used in content, usually in the form of anchor text. Indeed, there must be the right number of keywords in content, if there are too few, then the content cannot be optimized properly. When you enter too many of the same keywords, it will be considered as the wrong move. Therefore, this is needed as a guardian of the use of these keywords.

Keyword Density function

Keyword density functions to display the number of times a word is mentioned in one article. The keyword density display is sorted from the most frequently mentioned keywords (highest percentage).

In addition to increasing website ranking on search engines, optimizing keyword density can also help in:

Ideal SEO Keyword Density

how many keywords should be included in a content. This all depends on the number of words in the content. Keyword repetition also needs to be adjusted to the amount of search volume itself. That way, later you can optimize SEO more optimally.

In making good articles, there are suggestions for setting keyword density that you can follow. Ideally the keyword density for main keywords is 1.0-2.0% of the entire article.

What if the keyword density exceeds this number?

Google can track spam on a page. The possibility that most often occurs if the keyword density in your article exceeds the ideal value, that is, the page will not easily occupy the first page of search engines. 

How to Calculate Keyword Density

Keyword density is one important thing that writers must pay attention to. Even the right keyword density can have a positive effect on article performance in organic search. To calculate keyword density, you need to know how many times a keyword is mentioned in an article. Note the following calculation formula:

Keyword Density = (target keywords / total number of words in the article) x 100%

For example, the keyword you are targeting is “digital marketing” and that keyword appears 30 times in 2000 word content. To find out the keyword density of the content, namely (30 / 2000) x 100% = 1.5%.

In addition to calculating the percentage of keyword density using the formula above, writers can also use the keyword density calculator.

Keyword Density Tools

With the explanation above, you must have understood what keyword density is and how many keywords are appropriate. To be able to find out how many keywords are already in your content, it's actually easy. For those who use WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS) for their website, Yoast SEO is ready to provide keyword information for each content.

But if you don't use WordPress, don't worry. On the internet there are several tools that can be used to see this problem. First, there is a keyword density checker tool on Google.

Website traffic does not always depend on the tools you use. Retaining customers is the key to why your website was created, isn't it? Bringing traffic not only from keywords, there are many SEO elements that support it behind it.

That's a brief explanation of the complete keyword density which is an important part of SEO. Don't forget this. Hope this information is useful for you.