What is a Marketing Campaign and How to Create One

What is a Marketing Campaign and How to Create One

Creating a campaign is one thing that cannot be separated from the world of marketing. A marketing campaign is carried out by a company to promote their product or service so that it can be accepted by consumers.

Marketing campaigns can be carried out through various media, both conventional media and online media. The campaigns carried out also did not only rely on content in advertising but carried out other creative ways.

Then, what is included in a marketing campaign and how do you create it?

What is Marketing Campaign?

Marketing Campaign is a series of strategic activities aimed at promoting business goals, such as promoting a product, service or a brand as a whole. To achieve effective results, marketing campaigns can be carried out in various media, both online and in print, depending on the objective.

One example of a successful and memorable marketing campaign is the Nike brand campaign. Who doesn't know Nike with its slogan, Just Do It? At first, Nike launched the Just Do It movement as a way to beat its competitors. Sure enough, the marketing campaign carried out by Nike was such a success that the slogan is still remembered today.

Marketing campaigns are also usually used to reach consumers which are packaged in a variety of creative ways and involve a lot of media.

There are two types of media used, namely both conventionally such as television, radio, and print media. Apart from that, online such as social media, email, pay-per-click and so on.

A good marketing campaign is one that is consistent and focused on one theme or idea to achieve certain goals.

Marketing campaign goals

Marketing campaign is the key to success in promoting a brand. Therefore, many companies carry out marketing campaigns to achieve certain goals.

The following are the objectives of the marketing campaign itself:

  • Build a brand image on a product
  • Improve the brand image of a product that is already on the market
  • Introducing a new product
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Reducing the impact of negative news spread on the public

That is the general goal of a marketing campaign. In practice, you may achieve one or more goals when conducting a marketing campaign.

To achieve this goal, you will need several media to be able to find the most effective marketing campaigns for your business.

Types of Marketing Campaigns

There are many types of campaigns that can be done to promote a product or service. Among the campaign types are the following.

  • Paid campaigns, namely campaigns through paid media, such as pay per click, influencers, sponsors, or showing advertisements on television and radio.
  • Seasonal push campaigns, namely campaigns that are held seasonally, for example Christmas and New Year promos, or 10.10, 11.11 promos, and others.
  • Product launch campaign, which is a campaign that is carried out when releasing a new product to promote its features and the advantages possessed by the product.
  • Brand awareness campaigns, namely campaigns carried out to gain or maintain brand popularity with the public. Usually in this campaign the brand promotes its vision, mission or brand image.
  • Rebranding campaign, which is a campaign carried out by a brand when it changes its name, logo, or has merged with another brand.
  • Social media campaign, which is a campaign that is carried out by maximizing social media owned by the brand. For example, consumers must tag three friends in a brand account post to get a promo or giveaway price from that brand.
  • Email marketing campaigns, namely campaigns conducted to maintain contact with consumers by informing them about the latest products, promos, or events via registered consumer emails.

How to make marketing campaigns

Creating a campaign is a big task, the team involved has quite a heavy responsibility to be able to achieve the goal.

However, creating a marketing campaign is not that complicated as long as you know the step by step from planning the campaign, executing it, to assessing the success of your campaign. How to create a campaign is as follows.

1. Determine the goals and objectives of the marketing campaign

The first step in creating a campaign is to first determine the goals and objectives of the campaign to be created. You can define campaign goals by answering the question, "Why are you running this campaign?" or “What do you hope to achieve with this campaign?”

2. Determine how to measure the success of the campaign

The success rate of each campaign will be different, depending on your channel, platform, and initial campaign goals. If the goal of the campaign is the promotion of a new product or service, you can see the success of the campaign from the number of pre-orders ordered, or if the goal of the campaign is to increase awareness, you can see it from how many people have shared your campaign on social media.

3. Determine the target audience

Before running a campaign, you must also determine the target audience. The importance of knowing the target audience of a campaign is determining what kind of campaign is right. So that the content created can be appropriate or related to the potential customers you are targeting.

4. Create a campaign concept and form the right team

The next step for running a campaign is creating a concept. A good campaign concept is one that carries a strong mission, vision and brand visual identity. No matter what form the campaign takes, it still has to be consistent with the brand identity that has been formed.

5. Select the channel to run the campaign

If the planning stages have been carried out, the next step in creating a campaign is to run it. To run this campaign you can choose various channels according to your needs. This choice depends on audience preference, budget, and level of brand engagement. 

6. Create a clear timeline when running a campaign

Setting a clear timeline when running a campaign is a way to determine when, how, and how often you increase campaign content on a predetermined channel. You can make a schedule for uploading campaign content that is adjusted to the readiness of the assets you have. 

7. Make sure your campaign gets the audience to take the desired action

One of the most important things when creating a campaign is ensuring that the audience takes the desired action. For example, the campaign being run is to promote the latest application that can be downloaded on the audience's mobile phone. Even if your campaign gets a lot of likes or comments, it's not considered successful if no one downloads your latest app. Therefore, make sure there is something that provokes the audience to take an action. You can try it by using a call to action (CTA), landing page, or lead form.

8. Analysis of campaigns that are already running

The last stage of the campaign is analyzing the results of the campaign that is already running. By analyzing these results, you can determine whether the campaign being run was successful or not. The meaning of “success” also varies, depending on the SMART goal set at the start.

That's an explanation of marketing campaigns and how to make them. Hopefully this article can be useful and help you create a marketing campaign that suits your goals and desires.