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Mobile Marketing: Definition and Implementation Strategy

Based on the We Are Social report that there are 97.7% of internet users accessing it via smartphone. Seeing the high use of smartphones, most entrepreneurs are starting to adopt mobile marketing techniques to market their products. Cellphones that were originally only used to make calls and send messages, have now become mobile phones with all the functions and benefits to facilitate everyday life, such as internet access, social media, video and various other features, including presenting t…
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A/B Testing: Definition and Functions for Website

For a marketer, they need to know that after creating a website, they still have to make sure all the elements work together without problems to provide the most optimal user experience. A/B testing is one way to find out. Implementing A/B testing will help businesses find the best online promotion and marketing strategy. When testing is done, you can find out which parts to eliminate and which parts to optimize. Therefore, this method is very useful for increasing the conversion rate, a crucia…
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Word of Mouth (WOM): Definition, Benefits, and Implementation Strategies

Word of mouth marketing is one of the most effective inbound marketing techniques to attract consumers. Basically, this one technique focuses on providing the best possible service to consumers. If satisfied, consumers are expected to spread testimonials to other people. But how to implement this strategy? What are examples of word of mouth that can be applied? Watch this article to the end. What is Word of Mouth? Word of Mouth is a marketing strategy used to generate natural or natural discuss…
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Understanding Customer Lifetime Value, Benefits, and How to Increase It

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) is one of the indicators used to determine the value of a company's customers. This metric is considered accurate so it is widely used by companies in calculating their customer value. This metric can help to find out the cost for each effort to attract customers. Even though it has a role, at first glance it is still not considered important by some people. In fact, forgetting CLV can have negative consequences on business competition. Definition of Customer L…
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10 Digital Marketing Tools that Businesses Must Have

Most businesses take advantage of digital marketing tools to increase productivity and profitability. Some of them even use more than one marketing tool at the same time. Apart from promotional activities, not a few business people use digital marketing tools to communicate company information, identify consumer interests, and attract them to make transactions. What are Digital Marketing Tools? Digital marketing tools are tools that help businesses run promotions online. The range of these mark…
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Content Marketing: Getting to Know the Meaning, Benefits, Forms, and Skills

Know what content marketing is and what a Content Marketer does. You've heard the term content marketing, but not sure what it means? Maybe you are still wondering what exactly does a content marketer do and what skills must be mastered if you want to try a career in this field. What is Content Marketing? According to Forbes, content marketing is a marketing strategy for creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract the attention of the target audience. Howe…
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How to Develop the Right Content Strategy

Content marketing is a marketing strategy that is increasingly popular in this digital era. To be successful, a content strategy or content strategy is needed that is detailed and right on target. This strategy will help you to get maximum results. Therefore, setting aside special time to compile it will be something very valuable. If you don't know what a strategy for content is and how to structure it, let's continue reading. What is Content Strategy? Content strategy is the process o…
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How To Start A Blog - Easy Guide For Beginners

Most people fail with blogging because they quit. Success is pretty much impossible if you don't publish regularly. But in this chapter, we will only talk about how to start, since it's the first step and it's pretty important. The bare minimum of what you need There are only two things you need to start blogging for your  digital marketing  project: a domain name and hosting .  The domain name will be the part you see in the top bar of your browser. It will look something like &qu…
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10 Ways to Be a Good Listener Increase Customer Loyalty

When customers choose a business, they will have high expectations of that business. Listening to customers is one of the best ways to identify opportunities to increase customer loyalty, customer satisfaction, and future business profits.  In every interaction a business has with customers, a business has the opportunity to provide excellent service and create long-term relationships. It is very important for businesses to actively listen to customers and analyze feedback so that businesses kn…
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How To Create Tons Of Great Content

Now, more and more companies are competing to do content marketing , or create content to support marketing activities. In fact, some have a special team dedicated to producing content, in order to meet the increasing information and education needs of consumers and customers. However, the more content that is created and published, does not mean that it is good or will lead to the expected results. Content must also have a foundation and foundation for a  solid content marketing  strategy, and…
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Basics of Digital Marketing You Must Understand!

Business competition is now increasing and spreading to the digital realm. Not only in terms of selling, now, even marketing methods also depend on wireless or online networks. That is why it is important for you to understand the basics of digital marketing, both as an entrepreneur and as a marketing service provider. An understanding of digital marketing techniques or what is known as digital marketing is very necessary at this time. If you open a job advertisement at this time, digital marke…
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